Not to toot our own horn but this year has been wild…

Let’s wrap up 2022 properly πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

The start of the year saw me (Haf) and Kieran join Haia for an internship and we shook things up. Jokes

Gwynedd Youth hosted a great youth festival on the platform, to warm us up for the year ahead. We proudly announced our partnership with Llyn Parc Mawr, the community woodland. Meaning every time a plan is purchased, we donate money to plan trees in the local woodland area. This improves ecology and biodiversity! 🌲

Following this, we successfully closed another round of investment πŸš€ This should’ve been the tell-tale for what was to come…

Summer came along and really kicked things off for us (and no, not me).

During June, we left the Beta stage and released to sales. This meant that the platform was at a stage were hosts could buy a plan and properly host events.

Our incredible head of UX/UI designed and created this magnificent new website.

All just in time for the Eisteddfod… We did lots of talking, networking, getting to know some very exciting potential event hosts and even caught a few rays. Pryderi from M-SParc was interviewed by S4C to chat about Haia and how together we might explore the future of a hybrid Eisteddfod.

We’ve picked up more momentum as the year has gone on. And summer was just the beginning.

From September, we introduced another Team member – Henry. He’s now our sales manager, if you’re interested in a demo with him you can fill out a contact form here.

The poor bloke was thrown in at the deep end, as we went down to Cardiff for the Wales Technology Awards to blow off some steam! We might not have won, but we had a great time πŸ’ƒπŸΌ This also cemented a relationship with Tech Connected, and we were able to announce that we are the official platform partners for the Technology Week 2023!

September was also the month we developed the Stream Team. If you’re keen to start hosting your own hybrid events but you need a hand, you can get in touch or find out more here.

We did a jaw dropping feature dump that blew you guys away! Some of the top features include:


  • Haia Cards
  • Chat function
  • New nav bar/admin bar
  • A shiny new ‘My Events’ page
  • An audience review section
  • A leave button
  • Invite only events
  • Green room


We know, we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. Watch out 2023, this is just the beginning! πŸŽ‰

Haia Hosts also really picked up momentum with Invent Your Event! We’re hosting one a month for the foreseeable, so if you want to see what Haia is all about without committing to a demo or plan (although both are free), you can join in! Look out for an email, or on our socials for more info.

Ending the year on a high, we wrapped up December with two awards, a Christmas do, some spicy stats and our CTO finished off Subspace. Yeah, you read that right, two awards. We are now officially an award winning platform.

Some of our spicy stats 🌢 include 337 events created on the platform, and an incredible 2243 new accounts created! The numbers don’t lie.

Thanks to Hwb Menter for the Incredible Innovator Award and Tech Nation for selecting us as the winners for the North Wales stage, Rising Stars 5.0!

Subspace Networkβ„’. Is our shiny new communication technology that allows for our quick, responsive and impressive streaming. In simple terms – fast connection. The team are so confident in it, they say that Subspace can handle a near limitless amount of data and will still be successful in the face of poor network conditions.

The team had a really great time at the works do in Chester, in which the team let Tom win at karting, twice 🀨. But you have to let your boss win right? It’s the unspoken rule of office culture.

Additional mentions:
Elsi and Ben, became the newest “Haia Babies” on board. Also, Dobby on the left, Mojo on the right – joined the team.

Ok, you can pick your jaw up off the floor now. We know we’ve impressed you, so go ahead, run an event and see what you think.

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Tom is passionate about events on Haia, especially esports. Tom enjoys swimming and climbing in his spare time. Get in touch with him to discuss any events you'd like to run!

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