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Make sure everyone feels connected and take the stress out of esports events. Audiences both at home or in your event venue can connect together, or with your event partners using Haia super easily.

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Let's hear what the pros say...

It was an absolute pleasure for myself and the team at SimStaff to support Haia case-study their Esports offering. The platform has some excellent potential and would recommend any League Ops teams to reach out.

Josh Martin (CEO & Founder - SimStaff Ltd)

...the multi-stream eSport Sim Racing event on Haia was an incredible experience!
...able to handle multiple RTMP and WebRTC feeds and live chats from across the world is also very impressive!

Max Hanratty (Professional Driver)

"Absolutely awesome to be part of this project. Looking forward to the next steps."

Steve Proudley (Co-Founder at Simsport Solutions)

If you imagine eSports broadcasting as being like Sky Sports in the 90s, this looks strikingly like it's 'Red button' moment. There's tons of possibilities with this tech!

David Christie (Founder of MindVantage)


Ultimate esport event solutions

Esports Branding

For a seamless experience, you can design your esports event on Haia to match your branding and integrate into your or your partners website.


Live Production Tools

Haia puts you in the directors seat, in control of the event and streams at all times. 'OBS compatible' takes it to the next level.


RTMP Ready

Ensure the best performance for players and audiences, broadcast streams across multiple streaming platforms with smooth low latency streaming.


Community Engagement

Increase followers and build communities, Haia is the perfect space for socialising and interacting with audiences thanks to Haia cards and our intuitive chat system.


Follow Teams

Give your esports communities exclusive access with new ways to connect, engage and follow their favourite teams and creators.


Multi Stream Events

Give your audience the ultimate esports viewing experience, let them control their experience with multiple stream options, easily switch between watching commentary or individual gamers.


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Those all important FAQs

Answers to your Haia questions

All you need to enter is your email address, first name, last name and preferred language! There’s a few other non-compulsory fields you can fill in if you want to.

You can read the full blog about setting up an event here. This covers everything step by step.

Once you’ve created your event, you can head to ‘Edit event details’ and add a spreadsheet (CSV format) of event invitees email addresses. Or you can click ‘Audience’ and ‘Invite attendees’ to manually enter an email address. Alternatively, you can share the link and let people sign up to your event.

You might be experiencing connection issues. Try moving your device closer to the router. Make sure all updates on your device are finished, using an ethernet cable will help your connection to be more stable. You should also ensure other instant meet applications are closed so they don’t interfere with Haia. If you need more help, visit the Help & Support page.

The easiest way to make your event hybrid is by sharing the QR code generated by Haia, so that those in person can join and network with those online. This also enables translation for those in person! Just look for the ‘Share’ button around the event screens.

In order to present, you’ll need to allow Haia permission to your camera and microphone. You’ll only need to do this once per browser. You can find more information here.