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We're ready to share Haia with you now, and we're looking for some heroes to help us test our beta (first) version before we launch fully. You'll be amongst the first people to try Haia, you can help inform features, improve design and be part of the future of Haia.

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Say hello to the world

Haia is an online and hybrid events platform which won’t leave anyone out. At each step, from organising to attending an event, Haia is intuitively designed, so that even new users can focus on engaging with the content without worrying about the tech. Haia brings the human connection back to events.

Host online or hybrid with Haia

Haia allows attendees to experience the sense of control they have in physical events; they can move in and out of rooms, go back and forth between sessions, and network when they want to. Your speakers will be able to see the attendees while they speak and can receive visual feedback while they talk so they can engage with their audiences again.

Try Haia Beta

Translation, built in

Haia’s built-in simultaneous translation feature allows your speaker to choose their language. Haia is also developing automated transcription, starting with Welsh, and expanding as the platform develops. We’ll even be including sign language and text-to-speak, making communication accessible for all.

Build your next event with Haia

Create awesome experiences by mixing and matching Haia's event blocks.


This is where attendees can meet and collaborate. Organisers can set how long the networking lasts for, and you can filter attendees if you want to match like-minded people!

Live Translation

A fully integrated simultaneous translation service allows multiple language users to interact seamlessly with each other.


Haia is optimised for accessibility. The intuitive platform means people who normally struggle with online events will find Haia easy to use. Online events also reduce the need for travel. Anyone can attend a Haia event!

Haia is here for any event

Haia is for everyone. A corporate or business event, public engagement, or cultural show. Whatever you’re hosting, you can host it on Haia.


From small seminars to large conference, Haia will be your go-to platform, allowing anyone to access events, network, and present their work to an engaged audience.


From Government conferences to Town Hall meetings, whatever you’re hosting can take place on Haia. With secure technology and easy interaction, Haia brings meaningful interaction back to your event.


Supporting creators and removing stress is what Haia is here for. From music performances to theatre acts, we look forward to hosting them on Haia.

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creative events on Haia

Huw Edwards


"This is one of the most exciting developments in Wales at the moment. This groundbreaking project is likely to revolutionise our ideas about translation and technology. There has been too much talk about the 'difficulties' of translating from Welsh - but this is a very promising response to demand. Congratulations to everyone involved in this important work."

Melissa van der Bijl

Innovation Project Manager

“This platform will streamline and change how we run events, helping audiences engage again. I’d hope to see more of Haia in the future.”

Vicki Sutton

Project Manager

“It’s so exciting, and there’s so many things there (on Haia) that we haven’t go anywhere else at the moment.”

Pryderi ap Rhisiart

Managing Director

“This platform is innovation at it’s finest; created based on demand and developing exciting new technology to support it’s offering of accessible online and hybrid events, Haia will soon be a household name.”

Pete Rogers

Community Manager

“I think many people have a “Not another online meeting” moment, whereas it would be great to see people looking forward to saying ‘Haia"

Prof. Delyth Prys

Canolfan Bedwyr

“There is huge potential in North Wales to use Welsh as a platform to experiment with new multilingual products. We at Bangor University are trying to promote language technologies within industry by passing on our latest research in speech technology and machine translation to help create exciting new products like Haia. This will facilitate communication in multiple languages, and we look forward to seeing it being used.”

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