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Hybrid events allow everybody to be included, regardless of location. They allow us to stay connected, they open up a plethora of networking opportunities and have literally an unlimited number of benefits.

If you want to find out how to make the most of hybrid events then read on, because we’re confident we can convince you hybrid events are the way forward.

What are hybrid events?

Since the pandemic, hybrid events have become a permanent part of our lives, which isn’t a bad thing. Hybrid events are blended events that consist of a physical and virtual element. The ultimate goal is for both parties to have an equally immersive experience.

What’s not to love?

You can literally double your reach

Why wouldn’t you want to add an element that could double the number of event attendees?

You will boost your engagement

Imagine you’re the event host asking the audience a question, nobody answers.. the silence is so loud you want the ground to swallow you. Everybody is awkwardly shuffling in their seat and you swear you can see tumbleweed rolling across the stage.

Now imagine you’ve got polls and a Q&A box on a big screen behind you, the audience have got their phones out and they’ve virtually signed into the event via a QR code. The screen is alive and the answers are flooding in, there is a low buzz of excitement in the audience, they’re laughing amongst themselves and discussing the answers on the screen. Those that want to speak out physically feel confident, because they’re not the only ones in the room answering.

It’s literally every event host’s dream. The audience feels like the event has been worth it and you don’t feel mortified. Need we say more?

More flexibility

You’ve invited a speaker to present for you and they’re going over their specified time *intense panic*.

Never fear, with a hybrid event hosted on a platform like Haia. You can simply add 5 minutes to a session and the whole stage is shifted so everybody is informed and stays on track. If a session is about to end early and you get extra nervous about those awkward silences, you can also take however many minutes off the session you need, so the next presenter is ready to go.

Knowing what’s next

Wandering aimlessly through an event with no idea what’s next? Not anymore. Save on the paper, programmes are a thing of the past. Your attendees can see exactly where they are throughout the event with the marker on the stage. Those joining virtually are just as much in the loop as attendees in person.

More networking opportunities

Networking is daunting at the best of times. Having a hybrid event allows great opportunities for the wall flowers to use the virtual networking and the social butterflies to converse as they please. Haia facilitates networking so you can have the best of both on one platform.

Access to data

If you’ve ever had a great sign up list but the actual event number aren’t adding up, you need to go hybrid. Using a hybrid events platform will give you access to data so you can see what went well or you’ll know what to change for next time.

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