We facilitate hybrid events on our platform. In real terms, that means that you can host an in-person event and those attending virtually can have the same experience. I know you’re thinking that sounds impossible, but with Haia, it’s really not hard. We’re based at M-Sparc, Gaerwen. Wales’s first ever science park (pretty impressive, right?)

The two newest members of staff on the team are Kieran and I (Haf) although we did actually join about a year ago now, are both Bangor University graduates. Kieran graduated with a first in Computer Science and I graduated with a first in Business Studies. Following our successful studies, we applied and were selected to become a part of the Skills Academy here at M-Sparc. What an incredible opportunity it was, to be firstly selected, and secondly, put with Haia to complete our internships. It allowed us to put the theory of university into practice, in an incredibly forgiving environment.

We continue to work with the university in several aspects. Canolfan Bedwyr (the language technology unit), are helping us develop our Welsh language AI technology. Put simply, we are working on English-Welsh and Welsh-English automatic translation and transcription, and they’re providing us with the data to do that.

We recently had Graham Ormondroyd, from Bangor University’s BioComposites department on board, running an event about how wool is cleaned with ultrasound!? The event took place in M-SParc, where he presented to a live audience on site and at home! Questions came in from both the physical and virtual audience, and Haia proved how easy it is to run engaging and accessible events.

If you want to get your head around a Welsh hybrid events platform, we run Haia hosts events for free. You can join them and see what the platform is all about – without committing to a demo or a plan (even though both of those are free too).

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CEO & Co-Founder

Tom is passionate about events on Haia, especially esports. Tom enjoys swimming and climbing in his spare time. Get in touch with him to discuss any events you'd like to run!

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