During the 2022 Digital Leaders Week one of our customers ran a fantastic, high profile hybrid event set across three locations on a national scale. There were two live venues and a digital one; The Senedd / Welsh Parliament; M-SParc and of course people joining Haia online. What could have been a technical minefield was made simple using Haia.

Hybrid doesn’t have to be hard

Using Haia as the hybrid platform allowed the Senedd to set up their AV system as a presenter for people online and in M-SParc. M-SParc used their own AV system to do the same. Whilst people online could engage with other onliners or people at the actual venues through their mobiles and a QR code Haia provided. Translation was available through audience devices too. No more clunky headsets!


Keeping everyone engaged, mixing online and live

Haia was able to facilitate 8 breakout sessions to allow the Haia participants to network effectively. There were also QR codes dotted around the venue so that those in-person could network online – a huge success in getting those online involved and letting them know that they’re included in the event and not just a bystander. 


Ensuring Visibility for Event Partners

We’re aware how important partnerships can be; this was no different for this event. Partner badges in the foyer and also their own exhibition area meant they were up front and in view. Promotional videos were added to the main stage and they could connect with attendees in exhibition areas.

Some Key Points to Take Away

Make sure you have a reliable platform (need we suggest a platform?). 

Have helpers behind the scenes to ensure that the speaker can get on with their live performance. We found a little hamper delivered helps include those attending virtually.

Organisation was key. When undertaking any event, it’s really important to be as organised as you possibly can, and communicate effectively.

Don’t let the idea of a hybrid event put you off, with The Stream Team by your side, we can make your hybrid event dreams come true without a hitch. We provide the tech*, the platform and the team. And suddenly, with The Stream Team behind you, hybrid doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. Get in touch to make your hybrid event dreams come true, here

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