Invest in Haia, a world changing events platform

We are creating an online and hybrid events platform that will change how people engage with events. Our unique features and drive to do good through our actions, will take Haia global.

We’re looking for an investor who shares our vision for inclusive, usable technology that improves people’s experiences of events and changes communication for the better. Of course, we also aim to make a profit along the way. Are you in?

Haia is bursting into a fast growing and exciting market which has an estimated growth of $259bn within 5 years. Join us on our adventure.

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Haia USP's

Haia has some fantastic USP's, designed for people and not just for the sake of cool tech, it has that too of course!


We’ve developed an agenda-building system which is timeline-based rather than list-based.  This not only allows the organiser to build events over several days, and with parallel sessions, but enables the attendees to follow the event in a familiar, linear style.  This feature makes arranging an event much more intuitive and less time-consuming. It enables anyone to be able to understand not only what will happen in the event, but also when and how long for; we know that for many people this simple change to agendas will assist them to engage better with an online event.


AI driven interpretation, in real time. This is a groundbreaking feature, and will eventually allow all attendees to communicate in any language they choose, including sign language. Haia events data will train the AI model further – the more people use Haia, the better it gets. This allows people to break down barriers, opening their markets and communicating across the globe. It also allows people who speak minority languages such as Welsh to always have the option to use their preferred language.


Haia will allow adverts before presentations, and multiple levels of sponsorship across events, allowing monetising of event sponsorship once more! The option to show videos and adverts before and after each session gets closer to TV style of advertising. Sponsors can reach out to potential customers at the event and have their brand visible.


How many people came, where they came from, their interests, who they engaged with even how many claps they gave a certain speaker. Haia provides valuable information in its event dashboard. Download reports and show your sponsors real return on investment.

Haia Cards

Making connections & following up. Haia has an inbuilt social platform that can act as a CRM. You can share your own personal or business Haia Card, review your connections and follow up with invites or emails without other integrations.


Letting people connect on their terms. Haia allows attendees to form their own small subgroups and control access to them. You can connect with individuals or join a small group in a lively chat. Swap Haia Cards and follow up later with a native CRM or integrations to your app.

Haia Hero

From handy tips to tech support, the Haia Hero is a smart way to help users and hosts alike. The Haia Hero is always available and can help with technical or event based support. Offering suggestions to guide users into the Haia platform makes looking for tutorials a thing of the past.


If it works for those with the biggest access issues, it works for everyone else. Whether it’s an interface that is optimised for visually impaired people or audio description interfaces we want everyone to communicate. Haia’s design is led by actually talking to people with accessibility issues.


Make it yours with customizable layouts and themes. Access professionally designed templates to elevate your brand across the event.

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