What a few days that was! You probably saw on our socials that Haia went on tour down south. It kicked off with a fair few trips from the office and to the car loading up all the merch.

After a meal in a local pub and a night in a very rural caravan, we were up bright and early for the National Eisteddfod, Wales’ biggest festival and one of the largest cultural celebrations in Europe. Parking a whole two (or three) fields away from the Science and Technology village meant almost closing our three rings and hitting our step count for the day before 10am (Won’t be a problem for a hybrid event).

We set up the stall and after the essential coffee run, we got chatting to the lovely people of the Eisteddfod. There was a constant stream of potential event attendees and there was lots of opportunity to chat to event hosts looking for a hybrid solution! It was amazing to see so many people understanding and wanting to be involved in hybrid events.

Pryderi from M-SParc was interviewed by S4C to chat about Haia and how together we might explore the future of a hybrid Eisteddfod. If you want to watch a clip of the interview, you can do so here. We also had a shout out in Lleol Cymru and from the CDPS.

We did lots of talking, networking, getting to know some very exciting potential event hosts and even sunbathing!

The Eisteddfod really was a showcase of all the best that Wales has to offer. The food, music, culture and businesses were incredible. We can’t wait to go back next year and do it all over again! (Hopefully staying at the Maes…).

We had a great time with the M-Sparc and AT crew, but a massive shout out to Tanya for organising and running the Science and Technology village and ensuring it was a roaring success! Tan tro nesa!


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Haf is responsible for marketing, communications and helping out with events within Haia. She enjoys blogging, photography and walking. You can reach out to her with any questions regarding any events you'd like to run on the platform!

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