Goodbye beta, hello Haia! Goodbye beta, it won’t be the same without you. It’ll be much better!

We’re leaving beta behind, it’s a teary goodbye as we launch to sales. Bye Felicia!

As we stride forwards, we’re really excited to announce some amazing new features and allow our customers to buy plans.

Not to toot our own horn *toots horn aggressively* but the Haia team has worked really hard to listen to feedback and improve user experience.

Some of our shiny new features include:

  • Interpreter features have been implemented so that events can use translation.
  • Stages are *still awesome*.
  • Updates to the player for more stability (words from the developers that I do not understand) – basically for us this means updates to quality and being able to handle poor internet better
  • A new public and registration page for all your events
  • Better attendee data, so you can see what went well

And in case you needed any more convincing, we have an early birds plan deal until the 31st of July ’22 – 25% off a monthly plan.

Check out all the great updates, and you can also view plans on our updated website.

About Tom

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom is passionate about events on Haia, especially esports. Tom enjoys swimming and climbing in his spare time. Get in touch with him to discuss any events you'd like to run!

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