We’re confident we shouted pretty loud about going to Event Tech Live in Vegas on the 26th and 27th of April 2023. And what an incredible event it was.
Early last Monday saw our team travelling to Las Vegas, approximately 19 hours. On Tuesday, we landed and stepped off the plane into that hot air that we’re absolutely not jealous of at all…

‘Setting up’ the stand was a breeze, thanks to our super design team. The stand looked awesome and  our signature purple really stood out, we received a lot of great comments about the Haia brand. After getting the freebies laid out on the stand and the Tech Talks Theatre that Haia sponsored, we took a moment to appreciate our takeover bid.

The World Market Center is a great venue for events with a super team and a feel-good buzz about it.  The passion from event technology professionals was real, everybody in attendance keen to get talking over the one thing in common – events and event tech.

Wednesday went off with a bang as Tom Burke, our CEO hosted a roundtable discussion – “Sustainability and Events, how serious are we?”. A great discussion that saw all participants throwing their ideas into the mix about how we can make events sustainable.
A few being; choosing to use local suppliers for events, looking into how sustainable venues are, and of course, how sustainable hybrid events are as an alternative to purely in-person events. Education and telling stories about positive sustainable events were discussed as a great way to attract more people to hybrid and sustainable events.

You can look out for a blog from Tom about sustainability by staying up to date with our mailing list here.

Thursday was a lot of speaking to so many high level and passionate event hosts, attendees and sponsors. During our demos, Haia was really well received – people commented on our amazing user experience, unique and super friendly interface and the simplicity of use with Haia. We made some great connections and  discussed how Haia is a perfect fit for hybrid and online event needs, dished out some great branded goodies and made some valuable new partnerships.

We wrapped up our Vegas trip with a well deserved cold beer ⬇️

It’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to ETL London and doing it all over again!

About Tom

CEO & Co-Founder

Tom is passionate about events on Haia, especially esports. Tom enjoys swimming and climbing in his spare time. Get in touch with him to discuss any events you'd like to run!

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