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Haia is here for any event

Haia is for everyone. A corporate or business event, public engagement, or cultural show. Whatever you’re hosting, you can host it on Haia.


From small seminars to large conference, Haia will be your go-to platform, allowing anyone to access events, network, and present their work to an engaged audience.


From Government conferences to Town Hall meetings, whatever you’re hosting can take place on Haia. With secure technology and easy interaction, Haia brings meaningful interaction back to your event.


Supporting creators and removing stress is what Haia is here for. From music performances to theatre acts, we look forward to hosting them on Haia.

Conferences & Summits

Build your branded, interactive event in confidence

Expos & Tradeshows

Create a virtual hall with hundreds of booths in minutes

Recruiting & Career Fairs

Match job seekers with employees in a seamless networking experience

Training & Workshops

Allow attendees to interact and engage in your workshops

Social Gatherings

Haia isn’t just a corporate platform. Bring people closer, no matter the distance

Events & Marketing

Gain more clients by providing events that drive engagement and keep clients coming back for more

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events allow online and physical to come together. Haia will have a ‘hybrid’ feature, allowing you to get the most out of viewing an event and engaging with guests, whether you’re at the venue or joining remotely.

We can advise you on the equipment you’ll need to make this happen, and the rest can be done by you, just by choosing ‘hybrid’ when you set your event up.

Those physically attending will have a limited version of the platform through their own devices, allowing them to use the functions they need to engage and interact, and to access simultaneous translation. Those online will receive the full experience, wherever they are. 

Make events about people, not places

At Haia, our mission is to create an online and hybrid platform which leaves no one out.

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