Want to stay in control of your budget?

You’re in luck. At Haia, we’re committed to making our platform the easiest, most flexible and scalable way to run events – that includes your event budget πŸ’° With Flex Plans, you’re completely in control.

Did we mention we’re the only event platforms out there that does this type of Flex Plan for your events? 😎

With our new Flex Plan, you’ll only pay for the audience members that have turned up. Meaning, you only pay after your event!

With all the Haia features included, no event restrictions up to 30 attendees and you’ll only be billed if your event exceeds 30 attendees!

These prices are introductory – get your event started as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out πŸ‘€

Head to our website and try it out for yourself, you don’t even need to speak to one of the team. Get your estimate, stay in control of your event budget and carry on planning! πŸš€

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About Haf

Head of Marketing and Communications

Haf is responsible for marketing, communications and helping out with events within Haia. She enjoys blogging, photography and walking. You can reach out to her with any questions regarding any events you'd like to run on the platform!

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