Esports finally has the platform it needs for events – one where hosts, creators, gamers, partners and audiences get the most out of the event whilst enjoying a premium viewing experience!

Esports Events Deserve More
Esports are where a video game is played competitively between players for spectators to view. Considering it’s a relatively new term to some, there are already more than 540 million Esports viewers globally as of 2023 and it’s predicted to be about 640.8 million in 2025 (Demand Sage, 2023)

Simulated Racing Case Study
Esports is well served by single stream platforms, it lacks event systems – where players can host their own stream, organisers can run commentary streams, partners get great visibility and deep analytics all within one place; Haia.

In this case study we show how Haia is the perfect platform for esports and why esports fans, organisers and competitors love it so much.

There were 5 stages in total – A slickly produced commentary feed with multiple webcam feeds as well as feeds from the game itself. 4 driver stages showing a drivers point of view of the races as it happened and areas where event partners and communities could interact.

There were 3 races which each included qualifying laps beforehand, all completed within Assetto Corsa.

Haia and Esports, the Perfect Combo
Esports events are massive and they’re underrepresented when it comes to having event platforms that can really cater for these bigger Esports events. Esports is currently served by platforms like Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Live, these are great for community building and single stream situations, Haia offers a unique full esports event platform where fans have more control of their experience, better ways to follow, connect and engage with teams, individuals and event partners; and hosts have awesome live production controls that enhance and manage the players and timings perfectly.. 

Haia provides the events platform that allows people to get the absolute maximum out of esports events. The platform works perfectly for those big events where you may have multiple games going on or multiple players in a competition, as our Haia stages come into play (pardon the pun). Having multiple stages will allow you to run either individual gamers on each stream or perhaps a commentary stream as the main one. An incredible concept right? Check out how that works in this video below:

In addition to the stages, we provide audience data from events. How many people have joined the event, which gamers they’ve watched, which stands they’ve visited and give those partners and sponsors the options for people to go to their particular spot in the event and even download coupons. Advertising and sponsorship has never been so useful in esports events.

Esports on Haia is about experiencing the whole event, rather than just watching.

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