The Most Important Event Planning Steps — Step Two.

This is the second blog from our series of top 7 tips! If you’ve just joined us, and you want to start from the top, you can read the rest of the series here.

It’s all about who you know.

Specifically, your audience.

You want the event to sell-out, but you don’t just want seat fillers. You want an engaged audience, to participate in the event and networking. It might be tempting to tell everyone you’ve ever met about your amazing new event but be careful. Casting your net too wide gives you a narrower reach in terms of who might attend your event; no one will know who you’re trying to target. You might just end up with a bunch of seat fillers who end up on their phones and appear extremely disengaged. This might also throw off and dishearten the presenter that so kindly agreed to speak for you.

Don’t go over-kill with the information.

Plus, if you bombard people with information all the time, they will eventually stop engaging with your marketing information and miss out on the things that are relevant to them. So, think about who you’re focusing on. 

For example, if you’re a dentist and are running a symposium on the latest good practice, then you’re not going to be advertising to your patients. If you’re hosting a networking event for the catering industry, then you’ll be targeting a range of people from front of house staff to chefs.

Let people know who the event is for! 

It sounds basic, but people will be searching hashtags and keywords that relate to them, so if you’re scrolling through social media and spot the word ‘agriculture’, you’re sure to take a look if you’re a farmer. (Using the right marketing strategy comes into play at this point! If you’ve a separate social media or marketeer in your team, now’s the time to engage with them.)

Another thing to remember is that your audience might not know who you are, as an individual or a company. You’re not always preaching to the converted. So, make sure you don’t rely on the good faith of your established brand. Tell the people what you’re selling!

The good news is that whatever sector you’re in, and whatever kind of event you’re thinking of hosting, Haia can host them for you.