The Most Important Event Planning Steps — Step Six.

This is the sixth blog from our series of top 7 tips! If you’ve just joined us, and you want to start from the top, you can read the rest of the series here.

If you’re running a conference, event, or exhibition, it’s likely you’ll be wanting sponsors. Before you approach them, think. What are they getting out of this? It’s easy enough to look at a company and decide they’ve probably got an endless marketing budget, unlimited funds, and will happily throw some of it your way. Often, that isn’t the case.

Getting your money’s worth.

Sponsors are normally really keen to get their name out there and want to advertise themselves and see your opportunity as a valuable piece of marketing. The odds are high that they’ve had to make a case internally for being a sponsor of your event, and they will want to show results.

So, take your sponsors seriously. Don’t use it as a means to fund your event with no return, but rather as a good way to show a partnership with relevant brands. It can add credibility to your event if you choose the right sponsors.

How do you showcase them, though, if you’re in an online event? Choose a platform that allows you to have a prominent sponsor showcase. You’ll want different sized logos for different sponsorship packages, and a space which allows attendees to click through to the sponsors’ website. In short, you want your sponsor to feel you appreciate them and that they got something in return. This way, you may even build up some recurring sponsors for your next event!

We probably don’t need to mention it, but yes, Haia will allow you to incorporate sponsors into your events.