The Most Important Event Planning Steps — Step Seven

This is the last blog from our series of top 7 tips! If you’ve just joined us, and you want to start from the top, you can read the rest of the series here. Don’t worry, we have more than 7 steps to get you to becoming the best hybrid event planner. 

What do you enjoy at an event?

This final tip is one of the best. Prepare ‘yo self. 

You will never be able to replicate someone else’s success; you must make your own.

Doing the opposite of someone else’ failures, on the other hand, is definitely helpful. Think about the worst event you’ve ever been to. Think of everything that went wrong, all the times you lost interest or didn’t enjoy it. Then, don’t do that. That is your own personal checklist. Keep a note of things you’ve seen go wrong and put plans in place for those things not to happen.

The more prepared you are, and the more you learn from others’ mistakes, the more confident you seem. That’s the spirit you need to enter into an event!

Your audience won’t see any of this furious paddling under the surface. 

They will simply see the swans of your labour gliding along the surface, hosting a fantastic event. It’s the sense that someone is in charge, making things happen and leaving them free to relax and enjoy the event, that is what makes an audience enjoy themselves.