The Most Important Event Planning Steps — Step One.

This blog is the first of our top 7 tips to help you plan the most successful event. Each week, we’ll be releasing and discussing a new tip, to help you along your event management journey.

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Let’s start with the basics.

Make sure you’re having fun

Running an event should be fun. Seriously! There’s nothing better than the buzz of putting together an exciting agenda, getting to work on promoting, watching the registrations add up, and then the atmosphere of having a room full of likeminded people networking, and engaging with the speakers.

That’s where you can get real value for your business; bringing customers or potential customers in, making new connections, starting new collaborations, and giving a voice to new ideas.

Can this be done via an online event platform? Absolutely.

You can do it by making sure you’re prepared and ready for anything, and of course by using a platform especially created for this purpose. One like Haia for instance; Reconnecting people in a real way.