Taking the step towards Carbon Neutrality

Real local efforts to go green

Well, the Haia and Animated Technologies teams finally had a long-awaited team building day, combining some very positive volunteering work. We went red squirrel spotting and tree planting at the lovely Llyn Parc Mawr in Niwbwrch, Ynys Mon. 

Who are Llyn Parc Mawr and how do they assist in our goal towards carbon neutrality?

Llyn Parc Mawr is a community woodland group that came together in 2014, to help the local community of Niwbwrch. The group manages an impressive 24 hectares of woodland. Their work enhances the forest for trees and animals by removing invasive plants and unsafe trees, picking up litter, planting more trees, creating new habitats, and feeding the birds and red squirrels.

Committed volunteers, Tim (the woodland officer) and Luke (volunteer chairman), took us on a tour of the woodland. Tim provided us with hot drinks at their lovely new Caban where we learnt the history of the woodland. The woodland and caban is completely off grid, complete with solar panels and a natural composting toilet.

Luke taught us how to look out for “Drey’s” (a squirrel’s nest) before arriving at the hut, overlooking the beautiful Llyn, brimming with wildlife. We continued our tour, and got a sneak peak of the new circular trail (while completing some Indiana Jones moves and walking some planks). Tim patiently answered all of our 100 questions on the walk and we saw a majestic red squirrel.

Tree planting is helping us step towards carbon neutrality.

Following a panad and biscuit stop, the real work began. 

Tim showed us the “Slit tree planting” method, in which you push the spade all the way into the ground to create a slit, wiggle an opening and place the tree into the slit — ensuring the root plug is covered so that the roots do not dry out in summer months. Finishing up by protecting the tree with the correct covering (either to create a greenhouse effect or protect it from peckish rabbits) and stamping the slit closed with your heel.

Post demonstration, we chose our tools and were let loose.



The Haia and AT teams took to it like a duck to water, working in true team spirit.

The sun even came out to spur us on as we planted some quality trees, to increase the biodiversity and ecology of the forest.

We want to help our users do their bit to help the environment

We also want to support Llyn Parc Mawr as much as we can. So, for every paid monthly subscription, at least one tree will be planted at this amazing community woodland.

You can help support this great cause by purchasing a subscription from the 10th of June here. You’ll be able to enjoy your event knowing that you’ve taken the first step in offsetting carbon, not many other event platforms can help you do that.