The birth of the most intuitive virtual events platform - Haia!

Comparing online event platforms

Have you ever used a comparison to get your point across? When we discuss Haia with people there’s always one product that gets mentioned time and again, and that’s Zoom.  You can understand why - Zoom has 300 million daily meeting participants. They saw an increase of 2900% since December 31, 2019, when 10 million daily meeting participants logged on. You’re bound to have heard of them!

We’re not offended either; for a brand-new product that’s still in Beta testing to be compared to a global competitor on such a scale is surely a good thing. Still, today we’d like to focus on what makes us different. Our team are passionate about making events about people. Just like in-person events, online and hybrid events should think about the attendees needs first. It’s been a long 18 months of online meetings, and we’ve learnt a lot in that time.

The birth of the most intuitive virtual events platform - Haia!

Our starting point for Haia was making it intuitive as well as inclusive, and above all friendly. This even includes the name - it’s the way we greet friends in this part of Wales!

It’s worth taking a few steps back - to where our Haia journey began.  Can you cast your mind back? In 2020 we settled down to a quick two-week lockdown to get rid of the pandemic!  Over a few short weeks we were all forced to change how we worked, how we met with colleagues or potential customers and how we attended events. A change on this scale would have taken years under normal circumstances, but with everyone working from home at once it provided a catalyst for innovation.

Almost all of us had to get used to speaking to people screen to screen rather than face to face. From business meetings, to meeting family and friends. Community groups started online (leading to one particularly eventful parish council meeting), cultural events went virtual, and concerts streamed live to our living rooms.

Bilingual and BSL online events

We’ve worked with language technology experts at Bangor University to make communicating even easier. Haia has simultaneous text and voice translation capabilities. The platform can host multilingual events, has accessibility features that no other platform can rival, including ability to host events using British Sign Language. 

So, with restrictions now easing and face to face meetings becoming possible again, the question is how much of our lockdown habits will stay with us?

Help make this a habit that’s here to stay. You can become one of our beta testers as we get ready for our launch in the autumn. Click here

Virtual events investment opportunity

You can invest with us if you’d like to help us take Haia to next level - take a look here.